Identification of a new family of enzymes: amine dehydrogenases (AmDHs)

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  • PI: Carine Vergne-Vaxelaire

    We are looking for Amine dehydrogenases (AmDHs) with varied substrates/properties/structures within biodiversity to provide the biocatalysis community with alternatives to the other listed NAD(P)-dependent enzymes that also catalyse reductive amination.1

    In collaboration with G. Grogan (York University, UK) and the UMR teams with expertise in bioinformatics (link LABGEM, LAGE) and enzyme production (link LGBM), we have identified an AmDH family of more than 17,000 members. Their applications in synthesis in native or modified form are promising in view of the validations carried out at laboratory scale.2-10

    This work is supported by the MODAMDH (ANR-19-CE07-0007) and ALADIN (ESR/EquipEx+ ANR-21-ESRE-0021) projects.

      amine dehydrogenases


      amine dehydrogenases


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